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'23 Review, '24 preview


The recording process for "Heart of thy Abyss" commenced in October '22 and was finished by April '23. We owe severe gratitude to Lakewood Studios for their generosity.

The following months were dominated by mixing (hails to Thomas Taube of FiveLakes Studio) and Mastering (by the one and only Dario Köstinger).

Almost exactly one year after the first note was recorded, the physical releases were delivered and are now available for you all!


The year started off with our very first weekender with our friends of Sum Lights from Munich and Depths Above from Brno. This mini-tour gave us a little time-out from the studio and made us crave for more...

Because every single show we played since, allowed us to grow as a band and further improve our ritualistic performances.


In 2023, we extended our tendrils to Croatia, Czechia, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia for the first times, plus a few shows in our home country Austria.


While doing all of the above, '23 also brought GUYOÐ's first professionally shot music video, for the song "Watcher in the Dark". Our fathomless gratitute extends to Susanne Mostögl, a.k.a. Revvidy for her breathtaking work!

More recently, our song "Guyot", which can indeed be seen as a flagship for the album, has now got its own video, too. Hails to Drain Hope for the atmospheric animation!

Check them out at


The new year will take us to new and already known places. There will be premiere shows in Switzerland and Italy, as well as our first festival show. Stay tuned with our live plans at

Moreover, new songs are already being rehearsed and in due time, will form something new. Whether any of that will be heard in '24, remains to be seen.

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