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Letter from Down Below II

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Welcome all ye who enter here! GUYOĐ is thriving vividly in the depths below the waves. Yet, with every step forward, setbacks are also part of a band's life. Although we have already published our split ALLUVIAL SOIL online via Bandcamp, we also planned to release it on tape. Unfortunately though, we seem to have teamed up with the wrong people, and the process has turned into a painstaking odyssey. We are however confident to be able to present all of you with those tapes in the future. We just can't give you an exact date when this is going to be.


Having mentioned steps forward, a groundbreaking change in our range of seamounts has taken place. We are proud and glad to announce that our former session bass player has finally decided to join the band as an official member. We coldly welcome Daikakuji in our dark midst!


Thus strengthened, we are proceeding in finishing the writing process for our first full-length release. Beyond that, we will be performing our first shows in this forsaken year 2022. Prepare to be crushed! To check our live dates, click here.

Guyod caleidoscope by Cartismandua

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