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Letter from Down Below III

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SKIES FILLED WITH DYING AMBERS brought forth enlightenment to the ashen clouds cloaking our realms. To those in search for answers, we proudly present our very first interview in English with ARSON CAFE - a true gem among underground metal blogs out there. Our gratitude and respect goes out to VJ-atyc, an avid supporter of the scene. Beyond that, German-speaking disciples might guide their attention to the radio interviews we did in the past with DARK METAL ASYLUM and GRAZIL FM.

RECESSES OF GLOOMY BLISS we withdraw to henceforth, away from the searchlights of stages, away from prying eyes of vile creatres. Be assured, ALLUVIAL SOIL was only the precursor to a storm gathering on the horizon. It's brewing, slowly brewing...

Guyod - Letter from Down Below

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