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Letter from Down Below V

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Esteemed disciples of the sea,

It has been a while since our last letter to you!

Those who have been following us on social media witnessed a busy time in our existence as a band. In early 2024, we played a tour with NEKRODEUS – six shows within nine days that included our first show in Switzerland and our first two shows in Italy. The experience was truly breathtaking and invigorating.

Our companions in NEKRODEUS proved awesome partners in crime (although this was really no surprise, to be honest). Furthermore, we were accompanied by REVVIDY (creator of our “Watcher in the Dark” music video), who created short videos from all our shows and a little tour after-movie.

Thus invigorated, we played another six shows, in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany and were met with welcome and hospitality, performing our rituals to strangers.

Even though there are more ceremonies due this year (refer to our website or social media for details), we are now taking a little break from the stages to withdraw to the rehearsal room. There we are putting the finishing touches on new material. Stay tuned.

Thus, we relieve you into the darkness.

Do not go gentle into that night.

The depths are calling.

Guyod Letter from Down Below

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