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Letter from down below

Aktualisiert: 4. Feb. 2022

2021 was a turbulent year for us as a band. While writing, recording and pre-producing song material, we found a new singer and a session bass player for live shows. As for the latter, we finally had our first ones, playing with legends like VADER, as well as fantastic local and international bands like SKAPHOS, THOSAR and others.

Unfortunately, we also had to sacrifice a few shows on the altar of the almighty Corona. Amongst these gigs were our release concerts for our first output, the split EP ALLUVIAL SOIL with our friends from LEHM. You might guess that cancelling these gigs was especially painful. Having done so, we also decided to postpone the release of ALLUVIAL SOIL altogether.

However, here's the good news again: we're finally releasing this our brainchild, the result of quite some hard work and the spawn of our minds and souls! Be ready for the digital release of ALLUVIAL SOIL on Jan 23rd 2022 via !

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