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Letter from down below IV

Esteemed disciples of the sea,

During our abstinence from contacting you this way, so many things have happened in our cold, dark realms, that we want to inform you about.

Firstly, even though it might sound like a long way off, our first full-length release, the first GUYOÐ album, is due to be released in late fall, 2023. Obviously, creating this abomination has consumed a large portion of our time and energy in the last few months. This affected not only us individually, but also the people surrounding us. We are therefore extremely grateful for their explicit and implicit support along the way. Needless to say, there were also a great number of people involved who played a creative and/or technical role in the whole process. For greater detail, we recommend reading our “The orbits of GUYOД posts on our social media platform, which we dedicated to some of these individuals, explaining their contributions and who they are.

Although some details are still classified, we can give you a short idea of what is lying ahead of us all. In late summer/early fall you will finally get a chance to listen to something new. However, this output is not only going to be an audio one, if you get our hint. The album itself will then come out in late fall, as already mentioned above. You will be able to get it on all relevant physical output formats (yes, LPs obviously, yes, tapes too) and we are also going to premiere on various streaming platforms to reach a wider audience and expand our circles of disciples.

The most important way of doing the latter however are our live rituals. In order to take our music to you, we are in the middle of organizing as much as possible. We are certainly going to raid a few neighboring countries, as well as gigs in Austria, obviously. If, while reading this, you think there is a specific place you want us to play, or if you can even support us in setting up a gig, we will be extremely grateful for a message from you. Contacting us on social media is the easiest way, ensuring a fast answer. Also, emails to are always welcome.

Thank you for reading this far.

Greetings from the depths,


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